Patrick K. Johnsson

Ivory Coast - France
A few days after Mr. Alassane Ouattara announced the formation of a new army, the Republican Forces of Côte d’Ivoire, elements close to Mr. Gbagbo have called for a massive enlistment into the army loyal to the outgoing president. As thousands enlist to fight and several thousands flee Côte d’Ivoire into neighboring countries, the U.N has warned that "the risks of destabilizing the region are enormous".

Arab League discusses Libyan situation as strikes hit Gaddafi compound

Burundi: Lightning and torrential rains kill several children

Libya stifles protests with pro-government rallies on TV

Pope Benedict XVI and condoms, yes, but...

Guinea: Election results raise ethnic tensions

The Black woman’s new look

Wole Soyinka: Words, deeds and a serious Nigerian political party

Algeria snubs France in sahel counterterrorism initiative

Nigeria: Goodluck Jonathan, the facebook addict!

Egypt: Middle East peace talks useless?

September 11, Terry Jones and the Koran

Sudan: North guilty of using LRA rebels to destabilize south?

Nigeria: Extreme Islamists preparing to strike again?

Rwanda Peacekeeping: Goodwill or Blackmail?

New York Mosque and Obama: A right to have a right?

Racism: UN accuses France

Africa has more Serial-Killers than U.S. and Europe

Vive La France and French Speaking Africa!

South Sudan says Sudan Army backing militias

After French restitution of Maori heads, African sacred artefacts next?

Mauritania: Marginalised Black populations fight against Arabisation

Uganda: Baganda mourn kings’ burnt tombs block President’s visit

Ivory Coast at the threshold of a civil war?

Tunisia-led pro-Libya proposal for AU chair may split Africa

Ethiopia-Ogaden: Somali ethnicity wages war for secession amid murky claims

Somalia: AU accuse MPs for backing insurgents, al-Shabab promises terror on Uganda and Burundi

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