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Ethiopia - Kenya
Three Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) leaders have been imprisoned for life by the Ethiopian High Court after they were found guilty of carrying out terrorist attacks on innocent Ethiopians.

Ethiopia led Nile treaty gains ground as Burundi joins

Ethiopia: A double standard on land related issues

Ethiopia: No hope for Ethio Telecom employees?

Ethiopia: A new law for horticulture producing and exporting enterprises

Ethiopian economy’s new gold rush

Ethiopia: Kenyan protests could compromise mega electric project?

Silence over Ethiopian land grab broken

Ethiopia: Four NGOs get government ban

Ethiopian government price ceiling to be readjusted?

Ethiopia braces for oil shortage as Sudan shuts pipes

Addis Ababa: France and U.N. seek good governance in Africa

Ethiopia’s most powerful female politician steps down

Ethiopia: African Union summit not in danger, says official

Ethiopia: Mega irrigation project on disputed river planned

Ethiopia: Somali and Gambella abuses decried

Ethiopia: Chinese smugglers risk 10 years in prison

Posting of Ethiopian South Sudan poll results begin

Ethiopia: Devalutation and speedy growth breed economic chaos?

Ethiopia’s grain market in danger?

Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi sends strong warning to chaotic businesses

Ethiopia gets a US $27m Chinese leather factory

Ethiopia: High remittance figures from World Bank ridicule national statistics

Ethiopia: Power sector faces uncertainty

Ethiopia: Agricultural sector gets positive forecast

Ethiopia: Top official nabbed over corruption

Ethiopia gets multi-million dollar funding for agriculture sector

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