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Ivory Coast - France
Henri Guaino, special advisor to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Monday announced that the departure of the outgoing president of Côte d’Ivoire is "on track". This comes after Laurent Gbagbo’s refusal to step down following an advice from a panel of heads of state mandated by the African Union to find solutions to the Ivorian crisis. Informal discussions have been ongoing since the end of international mediation efforts.

The end of dynastic presidential politics in Africa?

Homosexuality: Tension between Cameroon and European Union

Algeria snubs France in sahel counterterrorism initiative

African coalition to fight Al-Qaeda in Sahel formed

Western Sahara: Morocco to be sent to court by injured Spanish activists

Second class French citizens?

Libya tears United States and United Kingdom apart

Algeria-Morocco: French car maker Renault moves to north Africa

Madagascar: Andry Rajoelina handpicks his new ministers

France: Burqa debate turns into fistfight

Morocco ahead of Algeria and Egypt in democratic transitions in the Arab World

Will Italy legalise xenophobic and anti-African laws?

Madagascar: Rajoelina vents his spleen at the EU

Al Qaeda extends Somali network warns Christians Ethiopians

South Africa 2010 World Cup: Salaries of 32 national coaches released

Freemason Presidents in Africa: Ali Bongo ordained Grand Master of Gabon

Middle East Peace Process: Hillary Clinton disappoints the Arab League

South Africa Land Reforms: Zuma gov’t strategically assists White farmers’ investments abroad

France to answer for arms sale to an African country?

Angola, DRC and Congo deport illegal immigrants

Caster Semenya affair: Lies from the top

Madagascar: "the foundations of a civil war is being witnessed"

Growing climate related disasters in Africa justify Meles Zenawi’s threats

Sudan: Lubna al-Hussein prefers prison to a $200 fine

Cameroon: Paul Biya’s holiday bill thirty times more than Barack Obama’s?

Microsoft OneApp to provide internet services to low-end mobile phones in Africa

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