Denis Carlier

Egypt - United States - Israel
An insistent rumour over President Hosni Mubarak’s health has been assessed by Western intelligence sources. Israel and its American ally may be losing sleep over the threat of a Muslim Brotherhood rise in case the 82 year old Egyptian President dies prematurely.

Jimmy Wales seeks the development of Wikipedia in African languages

Equatorial Guinea: Teodoro Obiang Nguema’s property

South Africa: Vuvuzela replaces Bafana Bafana

This is it: A morbid marketing tool or a final tribute to Michael Jackson?

Black politicians in Russia compete against a vile racist backdrop

Niger Delta: Nigerian fights to prevent oil "tragedy" in Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone

Niger paves the way for one party rule

East African crisis: Cold feet from the West and an unrelenting weather

AIDS Vaccine: Thailand tests yield positive results ahead of South African test results

New IBM software competes with Microsoft in Africa

European immigration policies: Human rights abuses denounced

Gabon: A Bongo family-run Constitutional court to rule on electoral fraud

Trafigura in Africa: A crime against humanity

Moroccan King’s asthma a dangerous subject for the media


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