After their elimination from the 2010 World Cup at the quarter final level due to a deliberately stopped goal by a Uruguay striker, Luis Suarez, Ghana Football Association has announced its intention to seek redress and hopes the petition would be supported by the England who suffered a similar fate when a Frank Lampard whose goal against Germany was disallowed.

"Impressive arrival ceremony" as Black Stars set to return

Southern African leaders in Zimbabwe for negotiations

Euphoria in Nigeria over international transparency rating

Congolese painter, Rhdode Makoumbou mounts exhibition in Spain

Jean Ping in brussels to discuss France’s request for El Bashir’s case

President of Ghana Bar Association resigns over comments

Kenya : No land for sex offenders

West African Monetary Zone gets a heavy lift from ADF

Ericsson’s highest sales in Africa to foster cheaper services

Anti-child pornography site launched in South Africa

Canadian author sued by ex international goalie over false allegations

Zimbabwean wives during the day Botswanan prostitutes at night

PM and top gov’t officials released from captivity, President still in custody

Transport minister questioned over abandoned cocaine plane

President sacks transport minister over mysterious plane filled with cocaine

Namibia and Germany : A fight for colonial skeletons

Ghana stock exchange half year performance among Africa’s top markets

Prime Minister Odinga should resign, says MP

ECOWAS and Spain embark on a multi million euro project on Migration and Development

Big Brother Africa III to be banned for immorality ?

Vodafone lands telecom deal in Ghana amid foul cry from opposition

Hotel scandal with minister and Libyan investors biggest in Kenyan history

AU reigns supreme, ’Sham’ governments will not be tolerated

UN loses top official over Algiers bomb attacks

Nigeria unveils plan to develop energy

Nigeria to prevent imminent war between Ethiopia and Eritrea

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