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Some Muslim women in western Uganda are demanding that a new HIV prevention programme for Muslims include condom promotion, going against calls by local religious leaders for the programme to be limited to messages on faithfulness and abstinence.

Somaliland: Racist killings and marginalized Gabooyos

Burundi: Female ex-combatants picking up the pieces

Egypt: Pig-cull induced street rubbish a “national scandal”

South Africa 2010 World Cup: Safer sex for soccer fans

Ethiopia: Government rejects politicized food aid claims

South Africa: School a refuge from xenophobia

Sudan-Ethiopia: Thousands of Sudanese to return from Ethiopia in 2008

Nigeria: Abuja’s splendid centre surrounded by urban blight

Guinea-Bissau-Senegal: On the child trafficking route

DRC: Poor harvest threatens food security, transport problems close feeding centre

UN emergency fund CERF and NGOs - "Progress made, progress to make"

Ethiopia: Six more NGOs to operate in Somali region

Bakassi - where Cameroon is already in control

South Africa: DDT finds favour in fight against malaria

Zimbabwe: New forex policy "paralyses" NGOs

Sudan: Do more to contain Rift Valley Fever - WHO

MAURITANIA-SENEGAL: Is Mauritania ready for its refugees?

New improved disaster response tool

Ceasefire fails to quell Darfur violence

Bill Gates, the new aid giant

OCHA concerned over official’s expulsion from South Darfur

Aid agencies struggle to support over two million displaced Iraqis

Nigeria: Government hits tobacco companies with whopping law suit

New clues to mystery illness

Government accused of hypocrisy in Zoe’s Ark affair

Mogadishu residents trapped by violence - MSF

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