Destination Santé

Umut Talha, born on 26 January 2011 at the Antoine Béclère de Clamart Hospital near Paris, is the first “child donor” – NOT “medicine baby” as the media would have it – to be born in France.

Ivory Coast’s battle for antiretroviral drugs

Cigarettes: Smoking out your life

Listeria: A biological hacker in the human immune system

When a mother’s voice soothes a baby

Nail biting opens the door to infection

Childproofing the kitchen is essential

Shops, Supermarkets and Botulism

Facebook, the new health hazard...

Child obesity causes heart problems

Exercise has varying effects on sleep habits

Fizzy soda drinks may cause gout in women

Eyelashes, eyebrows – do they serve any useful purpose?

Smoking reduces your chance of becoming grandparents

Basketball injuries are all too common

Heart murmurs for children are no need to panic

Menopause: recognizing the early signs

Walk off Alzheimer’s and Dementia!

Smoking, an accelerator of skin ageing

Canada cracks down on cadmium jewelry

US moves toward universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment

Onions have many health benefits, beyond tears

Smoking tobacco roll-ups more dangerous than cigs

Drinking and exercise: what constitutes a healthy amount?

Calcium - the body’s own precious metal

Citrus lemons: sour, but sweet for your health

Is omega-6/omega-3 imbalance at the root of obesity?

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