Falila Gbadamassi

President Hosni Mubarak and his family could own as much as 70 billion U.S. dollars in assets against a backdrop of millions of hardworking but poverty stricken Egyptians. The North African country’s official unemployment rate exceeds 9 per cent while a fifth of its 80 million population lives on less than a dollar a day. Underemployment and informal work in the country have remained among the highest in the world.

Salva Kiir wants CPA respected after release of Sudan referendum results

Ivory Coast: A battle over financial signature

Pope Benedict XVI and condoms, yes, but...

Ivory Coast elections peaceful in Abidjan, chaotic in Paris

Africans, the Catholic church and an unequal reward

Wole Soyinka: Words, deeds and a serious Nigerian political party

AIDS Vaccine: Thailand tests yield positive results ahead of South African test results

Kenya: "Solar ya Simu”" a solar powered mobile phone to cope with Africa’s electricity challenges

World Championships: Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa confirm Africa’s excellence

Gold and Sex: The morphological contradictions of Caster Semenya

Tunisia: Woman expecting 12 babies experienced phantom pregnancy

Scotland and US struggle over the release of Libyan Lockerbie bomber

Ethiopia: Kenenisa Bekele, Gebreselassie’s surprising heir

HIV/AIDS: First South African vaccine being tested in Cape Town and Soweto

Good-bye Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and his African affairs

Côte d’Ivoire: November 29 set for Ivorian elections

South Africa: Zuma’s first ladies, a real headache !

South Africa: That Africa that is not really African

Fighting Nazism with Racism: A worrying discovery

Madagascar: Ravalomanana’s shadow haunts Rajoelina

Rwanda to become English-speaking

South Africa : Miners ask for more security

Harubuntu 2008 : a competitive exam to push those who contribute to Africa’s development.

Ananzie.net, Africa and its diaspora’s website

AGROED: bioenergy at the service of african development.

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