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Libya: Gaddafi says Bible is a fake and condemns colonialism for Christianity in Africa
In a speech given Tuesday in Mauritania, the Libyan leader Mouammar affirmed the universality of Islam claiming that the Bible had been falsified with verses referring to Prophet Ahmad removed. He indicated that the Koran showed that there were no differences between Islam and Moses and his closest followers because they were Moslems. “If they had lived during the era of Mohamed, they would have believed in him. Likewise, there is no problem with Jesus and the other prophets, all of them being Moslems and Mohamed the seal of the prophets," Kadhafi said. He said the discord was “between us and those who refused to follow Mohamed who is the messenger of the Jews, Christians and the entire mankind”. He also condemned colonialism for Christianity: “The young children have been fooled in the colonial schools and embraced Christianity without their parents knowing and without any conviction, the movement of Christian evangelisation in Africa having served as a prelude to colonisation and having developed under the colonial protection that was stifling Africa.”
  Friday 13 March 2009 - 11:20

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