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Increasingly in recent months, international politics has been split down the red line of foreign policy—a demarcation dividing the EU and the US from Russia and China. Crises like the current showdown in the Crimea, and the dark shadow hovering over Syria, are bleak examples of an embedded opposition between east and west. Clustered around the borders of that red line are countries such as Mali, rising economies with a favorable GDP poised to make a firm, political shift toward a permanent residency on one side or the other.

Guinea government still remain voiceless on the culprits of September, 28 massacre


Guinea: Election results raise ethnic tensions

Guinea: Violence over presidential election outcome feared

Guinea finally decides

Guinea: New electoral chief appointed amid clashes, theft, fire

Guinea: The longest wait for second round presidential polls

Guinea-Canada: Suspicious death of ex-Junta leader’s son

Somalia: Military reinforcements from African nations begin

Guinea: Radio journalist stabbed by armed men

Guinea: Court keeps electoral process in check

Guinea military seek to take over power again?

Guinea elections: Enraged party to dispute results in court

Guinea: The long wait for election results

Guinea holds first democratic elections

Guinea: The military won’t go unpunished

Guinea army arrests: Payback time or Democratization?

Minister Frattini meets with Rabiatou Serah Diallo, President of the National Transitional Council of Guinea Conakry

Guinea: Presidential election campaign begins

Guinea’s military leader refuses postponement of elections

Transition Government in Guinea

Guinea: The end of a tumultuous era?

Guinea: Military Leader warned to stay away from the country

Madagascar, Guinea, Niger get U.S. economic aid boot

Guinea, France, ECOWAS: Tug of war over a coup plot

Guinea: Manhunts and indiscriminate tortures begin

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