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FAO is stepping up aid to herders and pastoralists in Niger and Chad amid a growing food crisis caused by last year’s poor rains that have resulted in a steep decline in agricultural production and dried out livestock pastures.

Warrantage scheme boosts Niger farm incomes

Terrorism in Africa: Best way forward is economic development

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West Africa: A common visa for UEMOA states

Racing in the United States to save lives in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso: Investors snatch up shares despite meltdown

Growing climate related disasters in Africa justify Meles Zenawi’s threats

Prostitute! Forced sex through Africa to Europe on a bus

Ethiopian film maker, Haile Gerima, does it again

"Thomas Sankara, the struggle is on" opens in Paris

Rice is up by 27% in Burkina Faso

Sahel: Sahel climate change diary - Day 1

BADEA lends to Kenya, Mali, Burkina and Burundi

Riots in Burkina related to high cost of living

Faso 2007 : Tomasi captures his second

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