Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea
Last Seen at Prison; Authorities Should Immediately Clarify His Whereabouts
The authorities in Equatorial Guinea should immediately investigate the alleged enforced disappearance of a top human rights lawyer who has been unaccounted for since the evening of October 22, 2012, EG Justice and Human Rights Watch said today.

Equatorial Guinea: Abuses Ahead of AU Summit

Equatorial Guinea deletes German TV crew’s footage

Equatorial Guinea: African Leaders protest UNESCO Prize for President

Untangling Central Africa for business

96 organisations, including 34 IFEX members, call on UNESCO to pull Obiang Prize

Mugabe, Zenawi, Bashir, Afwerki, Mubarak, Biya... World’s worst despots list

Equatorial Guinea Statement on UNESCO Decision to Delay the Award of the UNESCO-Obiang Mbasogo Prize

Equatorial Guinea: "Dictator Prize" suspension only a temporary fix, says Human Rights Watch

Mixed reactions to Africa Cup of Nations draw

New Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea Presents Credentials to UN Secretary-General

Ghana-Equatorial Guinea: Petrol deals between a democracy and a kleptocracy?

Equatorial Guinea: Teodoro Obiang Nguema’s property

Equatorial Guinea: President dominates state media election coverage, opposition invisible

Top European figures accused of fuelling African crises to rake in fortunes

Paris: New step in "ill-gotten gains" scandal involving 3 African leaders

Gabon: André Mba sought coup support from Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon...

Spain Investigates President of Equatorial Guinea for Laundering Oil Money

3 African Presidents to pay for their ill-gotten wealth

Circus made in Equatorial Guinea: Coup or Criminal act?

S. Africa and E. Guinea fight for Nigeria Falcons’ lost title

Migrant workers outnumber Equatorial Guineans

Oil rich Equitorial Guinea : Corrupt and abysmally poor

International Court of Justice to solve border dispute

AfDB funds US$ 2.7 billion projects in Central African Forestry Commission

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