Algeria - Mali - Mauritania - Niger
A meeting in Algeria on Sunday saw the Chiefs of Defence Staff from Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Niger agreeing to join forces to fight against Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). The coalition will benefit from Algerian military assistance and could also be open to other states that are exposed to threats from the extremist group within the Sahel region.

Call for Action to Thwart Bid by Libya, and other notorious human rights abusers, to join UN Human Rights Council

Mauritania: An African state where Blacks are "second class citizens"

Arabization and a history of Black-African marginalization in Mauritania

Mauritania: "Arabization has nothing to do with Islam"

Mauritania: Arabization hateful of African culture?

Mauritania: Marginalised Black populations fight against Arabisation

Terrorism in Africa: Best way forward is economic development

Italian Minister Frattini in Africa: food security agreement in Mauritania

Al Quaeda in the Islamic Maghreb gaining ground

Mauritania: Why the United States and France validated Abdel Aziz’s election

Mauritania: Opposition cries foul over Military Junta’s electoral victory

U.S. Welcomes African Union’s Call to Action on Mauritania

Mauritania junta: A year of empty european condemnation

Libyan leader backs much criticized Mauritanian junta

Terrorist attacks further dent Mauritania economy

Spanish ship seized by Mauritania to be freed only after ...

10 Al Qaeda terrorists arrested in raid by security forces

Mauritanian junta soliciting popularity pledges public media pluralism

West African coasts and coastal cities slowly submerging

Mauritania : catastrophe ahead if deposed President is not restored

Ousted Mauritanian President was coup leader’s puppet ...

Coups, Slavery, Extremism and a confused Mauritanian population

PM and top gov’t officials released from captivity, President still in custody

South Africa joins Nigeria to condemn and reject Mauritanian coup

Nigerian President sends strong warning to Mauritanian Army Chief Mohamed Ould Mohamed for coup

An unusual serial rapist and killer arrested

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