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At a debate on "independence" in Africa during the second edition of the New York Forum Africa 2013 in Libreville, Gabon, the Rwandan minister for foreign affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo, called into question the role of the International Criminal Court. The chief prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, tried to defend the judicial institution that she directs.

More than a Distributor, THEMA is THE partner when it comes to international development

Orange launches Orange Horizons to seek out new business opportunities outside its operator footprint

France provides financial aid to DR Congo to assist the homeless persons

Canada: A cameroonian appointed Minister

France: the group"Do not touch my prophet" called for a demonstration in Paris

International fraud: Le Floch-Prigent charged in Togo

International fraud: Le Floch-Prigent extradited to Togo

France Telecom-Orange announces a major incident on one of its cable ships off the coast of Namibia

Burqa Ban: Islamophobia verses the Enlightenment

Of Western hypocrisy, Obdurate tyrants and Changing times

Ivory Coast civil war could destabilize region

Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo on his way out, says French official

Allied attacks target Libya air force

Discovering the birth of France’s first “child donor”

Youssou Ndour: Live!

Libya: France gets ready to intervene militarily

Libya: Light at the end of tunnel for freedom fighters

Gaddafi’s "grave secret" threat triggers French internet craze

Natalie Portman denounces Dior’s Galliano

Libya: The Gaddafis between the devil and the deep blue sea

Addis Ababa: France and U.N. seek good governance in Africa

France drags heels to help Tunisia

Top 5 2010 celebrity ups and downs

Canada cracks down on cadmium jewelry

Is omega-6/omega-3 imbalance at the root of obesity?

Child hostages freed in French preschool


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