Gaddafi’s “grave secret” threat triggers French internet craze

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Following Nicolas Sarkozy’s acknowledgment of the leadership of the Libyan rebel movement, the National Libyan Council, as the country’s legitimate government, Gaddafi’s regime has threatened to reveal a secret that could cause the fall of the French President.

The Libyan regime under Gaddafi is not pleased. Thursday morning, French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, received leading members of the National Libyan Council, the political representation of the ongoing popular revolt in the north African country.

Two crucial decisions were taken during the meeting. First, France will recognize the National Libyan Council as the only legitimate representation of the Libyan people. Secondly, Paris and Benghazi – the centre of the Libyan revolt – will exchange ambassadors.

Nicolas Sarkozy, thus, becomes the first head of state of the European Union to have met with Libyan opposition on the eve of an extraordinary European Council summit on Libya in Brussels.

Obviously quite unsettled to have lost a “friend” and supporter, Tripoli was quick to respond to the French president’s decision. Gaddafi in a televised statement indicated that he has in his possession a “grave secret” that will prompt the fall of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Bluff? Shortly after the announcement, what looked like a diplomatic Poker game became an internet craze in France, where Muammar Gaddafi’s visit in December 2007 had prompted the then Secretary of State for Human Rights affairs, Rama Yade, to criticize the former’s decision to visit on the international Human Rights day.

“The choice of this date is a strong symbol, I would say shockingly strong,” she said in an interview published in Le Parisien on December 10 2007.

Internet craze

Nonetheless, French Internet users went haywire on the social networking scene following Gaddafi’s announcement. Twitter simmered with impertinent suggestions of what that “grave secret” could be.

#kadhafisecret, as a keyword, fetched hundreds of results with some suggesting that “Nicolas Sarkozy is, in fact, an illegal Hungarian immigrant”, “an Arab, whose real name is el Kourzi Sakr, from the city of Korz, in the south of Tripoli”, “the hidden son of Gaddafi”…

But the most disturbing tweet came from a source who claimed that “Sarkozy sold France to Libya in order to finance his 2012 Presidential campaign”.

Nevertheless, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the French president will regret an action that has seemingly caused the eccentric Libyan “Guide” great distress.

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