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Southern African region which carries the highest burden of the deadly HIV-AIDS in the world is planning to launch a string of mobile HIV/AIDS clinics along major trade routes throughout the region.

In Swaziland, local press subdues royal sex scandal coverage

Swaziland: King Mswati the cuckold!

Swaziland royal’s death threats and media bill raise concerns

TV station forced to stop televising religious program

Africa Contact press statement on the situation in Swaziland

Swaziland: Swazi government approves Media Commission Bill

Swaziland’s green fighter Thuli Makama wins Goldman Prize

Swaziland Public Broadcasting Bill 2010 finalized

Swaziland: Denmark begged to impose targetted sanctions

UNESCO’s Media Development Indicators discussed at workshop in Swaziland

Mixed reactions to Africa Cup of Nations draw

Swaziland: Purchase of dogs to combat crime or opposition?

Morocco and Swaziland Kings among the richest royals in the world

Swazi Politican wants HIV+ people’s buttocks branded

Swine flu in Southern Africa and a Zero preparedness

Swaziland: Soon to become a no man’s country

Swaziland: Poverty encourages ancestral practices

Tsvangirai opts for golf against a travel document and a jet ride ?

SADC : Mugabe government illegitimate but not that illegitimate

What elections mean in Africa’s last absolute monarchy

Africa’s absolute monarch choses 14th wife among 50 000 virgins

Swazi royals opt for bling and a big party against a backdrop of hunger and ...

Zimbabwe and Swaziland lambasted at SADC summit

Trade Unions’ boycott : The last straw to break Mugabe’s back ?

Why Africa’s last absolute monarch invited Mugabe to his b’day amid public outrage

Nepotism in africa’s last absolute monarchy : a Princess denies allegations

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