Swaziland: King Mswati the cuckold!

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Swaziland’s King Mswati has been betrayed his childhood friend and his justice minister Ndumiso Mamba, who was caught red-handed sleeping with one of his young wives.

Mamba was forced to resign from the post at the weekend, reports say from Swaziland.

In a brief statement to Swaziland media, the prime minister Sibusiso Dlamini wrote, “I have consulted with him and he has forthwith resigned”.

Reports from Swaziland indicate that Queen Nothando Dube (23), the king’s 12th wife, would dress occasional in a military uniform to slip out of the palace and meet Mamba.

Mamba is a childhood friend of Mswati’s (42).

Known as Africa’s last absolute monarch, Mswati – who was on a two-week official visit to Taiwan when the story broke – is frequently criticised by human rights groups as a dictator who runs the country of a million people as his own personal fiefdom.

“For many months the inkhosikati (queen) would dress in an army uniform whenever the king was not around,” reports quote say without giving the source’s name.

“She allegedly got into her room and changed into her uniform and walked straight to the gate and no one bothered to ask where this soldier was going.

“In no time a car was there to pick the ‘officer’ up and whisk her to Royal Villas hotel about 10 kilometres west of the Lozitha Palace,” reports say.

Swazi newspapers, which are banned from reporting on royal scandals, reported the minister’s resignation but did not mention the sex scandal at all.

Mamba resigned less than two years after Mswati appointed him to both positions.

Reports say this has created a dilemma for Mswati because they were close friends who grew up together, and he signs the royal family’s business and investment deals.

Some of the king’s investments and companies are believed to be in Mamba’s name.

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