Djibouti - Eritrea - Ethiopia - Somalia
At least 123 militiamen of the Ogaden National Liberation Front- the rebel forces fighting the Ethiopian government have been killed by Ethiopian army.

New Djibouti port is "all about Ethiopia"

Japan reveals military plan in Djibouti to fight Somali pirates

Ethiopian Airlines negotiates with Djibouti to restore flights

African Union summit ends with anti el-Shabab plan

Somalia: Military reinforcements from African nations begin

Ethiopia - Djibouti: Row erupts over new port directive

German Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle and Federal Development Minister Niebel travel to Africa

Djibouti: UNAMID Chief meets Djibouti President, who pledged support for peace in Darfur

Sudan-Eritrea strengthen ties against UN Eritrea sanctions

Germany and Djibouti agree on close cooperation

Ethiopian economy highly affected by Djibouti port tariffs

East African crisis: Cold feet from the West and an unrelenting weather

Djibouti: American Meteorologists modernize Djibouti Airport weather installation

Horn of Africa: International interest in region growing

Djibouti a death trap as conflicts and drought threaten population

Dubai World Africa sponsors first East African Investment Conference

The United States monitoring activities in the Horn of Africa

GM-UAW reach deal to end strike

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