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Increasingly in recent months, international politics has been split down the red line of foreign policy—a demarcation dividing the EU and the US from Russia and China. Crises like the current showdown in the Crimea, and the dark shadow hovering over Syria, are bleak examples of an embedded opposition between east and west. Clustered around the borders of that red line are countries such as Mali, rising economies with a favorable GDP poised to make a firm, political shift toward a permanent residency on one side or the other.

African integration and a new president for Mali: a tale of two necessary transitions

International Experts meet on military intervention in Mali

North Mali Islamist rape and brutality badly increases

UN prepared a resolution in Mali

Islamist in Mali buys child soldiers

The civil society wants to propose solution

Copam opposed to foreign intervention in Mali

Mali: Islamist Armed Groups Spread Fear in North

Northen Mali: Corporal punishment multiply against The population

The west african state community prepares military intervention arrangements

Northern Mali’s ‘city of saints’ suffers rebel fury

Northern Mali’s "city of saints" suffers rebel fury

Libya: Gaddafi and his Mali-Chad Tuareg mercenaries

Tuareg and AQIM: The unlikely jihadist bedmates

African coalition to fight Al-Qaeda in Sahel formed

Algerian terrorist attack kills several

Vieux Farka Toure coming out of his father’s shadow

Water partnership initiative begins in Ethiopia, India, Brazil and Mali

FAO steps up aid to Sahel pastoralists: Poor rains impact food production in Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and Mali

Mali Remains a Country of Emigration and Transit, IOM Migration Profile Confirms

Niger-Mali: ICRC to assist over 100,000 victims of violence and economic hardship

African Experts Showcase a Major Drive to Double Rice Production in Response to Burgeoning Consumer Demand:

Algeria and Mali in diplomatic row after terrorist release

CAN 2010: Mali seeks sanctioning of Angola and Algeria

CAN 2010: Algeria is back in line

CAN 2010: Algerian camp’s infighting and departures to boost Mali?

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