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With his striking portraits of Nigerians working and worshipping near the Niger River—a poignant photomontage entitled “Inside Niger”—award-winning 31-year-old Italian photographer Nicola Lo Calzo shines light on the humanity and spirituality of everyday people. Through slaughterhouses, fishing resorts, Catholic churches, tanneries and more, Lo Calzo creates startlingly personalized portraits of local Nigerians. Equally revealing is his 2010 photo series “The Promising Baby,” images detailing the lives of ostracized albinos in Cameroon.

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IMF Executive Board Completes Third Review Under the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement for Niger and Approves US$5 Million Disbursement

Madagascar, Guinea, Niger get U.S. economic aid boot

Niger: Abdoulaye Tiémogo freed after over 2 months in custody

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Japan and China in Botswana follow French example in Niger?

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Niger’s uranium, poverty and France’s growing wealth

Abductors of Canadian diplomats still unknown

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