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The Gambia and the Islamic Republic of Iran have broken diplomatic ties following reports that Iran was involved in an illegal arms shipment to Gambia including rockets and grenades. All Iranians representing their government have therefore been asked to leave Gambia within 24 hours.

Gambia: President accused of locking up rivals

Drug cartels losing ground in African drug war?

African governance architecture meeting adopts way forward

Gambia: President’s death threats spark protests around Africa

Lessons on Malaria control from The Gambia

Gambian journalists living in fear under reign of terror

President Jammeh distributes free sheep !

Rule of terror: Gambian gov’t killing and torturing citizens

New Zealander arrested for pornography now charged with paedophilia

Porn charges leveled at New Zealander and host for luring Gambian girls

International investigations into massacre of Ghanaians in The Gambia lauded

Gambian President ’cures’ HIV/AIDS patients

Positive results announced in favour of President’s fertility treatments

US-based Gambian opposition condemns coup celebration

14 years of President Jammeh in Gambia

Rule of terror as the Gambia holds journalist for more than 730 days

Gambia 1, Algeria 0 in World cup/CAN 2010 qualifier

Two Spanish caught in the Gambia after President called for the death of Homosexuals

President Jammeh says Africans must drop inferiority complex

French manager gets the boot from The Gambia for abuse

President plans to kill off every single homosexual

Gambian nationals mandated to arrest at the country’s airport

The Gambia : Foreign jobs bill reviewed

Debt relief for The Gambia

The Gambia: Online blocks amid violent threats

Rights group demands justice for 44 persons murdered in Gambia

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