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Afrik-news.com, the leading site

Established in the year 2000, Afrik-news.com has grown to become a reference in afro-centric news items online as well as one of Google's well referenced pages. The website is the proud host of over a million visits per month.

About 1 million readers translates to over 5 million ads viewed each month by virtue of our satellite sites, which deal with cultural, beauty, travel, and economic issues among others. Popular among our readers is our newsletter, which is blasted off to thousands of registered visitors on weekly basis.

There is a clear exponential growth in our audience base!


Faced with an African Media that is marked by a stifling dependence on state sponsored information and public subsidies, Afrik-news.com denotes itself as one of the most independent international media, under a strict observation and support from some of the most renowned media personalities involved in the development of quality communication in Africa.

Afrik-news.com's investors, partners and supporters include: Nagui, Mireille Dumas, Michel Field, Jean-Luc Delarue, Pierre Belanger, Pascal Jos&egarve;phe, Christian Gérin, Christophe Schmidt, Olivier Zegna Rata, Antoine Ganne, The Marguerite Foundation and Alexandre Varenne. Mr. Hervé Bourges, one of the most revered media personalities in France, has also been one of the backbones of Afrik-news.com from the onset.

An African perspective

Open your eyes. The African continent has long been shunned by the international media, which has turned a blind eye to the continet's everyday life and realities: 52 countries with difficult access to the internet, left out from a global agenda, except in crisis periods. Afrik-news.com's main goal is to provide accessible information to all and sundry with respect to the Kaleidoscopic range of African cultures and its society at large.

Speaking out. The African media has been relegated to the abysmal fringes of the international media. Where is the African International television channel? Its International written press? The audience for its radios stations around the world? Afrik-news.com's next objective is to promote the African media, its inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, leaders etc. Their voices must also be heard.

Using the right words. International journalism has its governing rules, its own ethics and professional concepts. Afrik-news.com set out, right from the get-go, to train and develop an open minded, rigorous and very reliable international news team. Due to the fact that communication is a craft that thrives on both the subtle and direct use of words, Afrik-news.com has chosen to remain responsible and free from unnecessary external pressures.

A new beginning

2009 was a decisive year for Afrik-news.com: after 9 years of efficient work, the number one independent panafrican online journal changed its strategy by diversifying and expanding its accessibility to reach an essential Anglophone audience. It also developed music and photo editions while incorporating multimedia services into its site. Afrik-news.com means business.

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