UN prepared a resolution in Mali

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The UN Security Council is about to implement draft resolution paving the way for the military involvement in Mali on Friday.

The resolution seeks for a detailed plan within 30 days from the West Africa’s regional body Ecowas. The draft resolution also request for detailed and actionable recommendations to respond to the Malian government’s request for such an international military force. Additionally, it includes the concept of operations, force generation capacities and strength. According to the French mission to the United Nations via Twitter announces that the adoption of the text is anticipated for 19:00 GMT on Friday.

International military intervention in Mali in a bid to throw out militants from the country’s north, the 15-member Security Council present would still have to pass a second resolution to green light the deployment. That resolution is not expected until late November. On the other hand the draft resolution recommend’s the country’s transitional authorities and rebel groups to engage as soon as possible in a convincing negotiation process in order to seek a sustainable political solution to the crisis enthralling Mali for months now.

As of now, the Security Council diplomats have said the adoption of the document does not appear to face any fundamental problems. Bamako has formally requested a UN mandate for an international military force with a deployment in Mali of West African troops that would help re-conquer the north. For some six months now, hopeless effort has been made by the Security Council for details on the intervention, including its objectives and logistical needs.
A meeting is set for 19 October in Bamako with representatives from Ecowas, the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations in a bid to develop a consistent approach to deal with the situation. The military seized power in the capital Bamako, in March, throwing out President Amadou Toumani Toure, and the north and east fell in the hands of Tuareg rebels and militias linked to al-Qaeda.

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