CAN 2010: Algeria is back in line

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A goal from Halliche in the first half had indeed allowed the Algerians to hope for a future in this 2010 CAN in Angola. For the virtually eliminated Malian squad, it is a bitter pill to swallow.

With a choice between victory or an enormous pressure to deliver in their third game, neither Algeria nor Mali had a choice. It must be noted that after a very disappointing start, especially for the Fennecs, the two squads had no one else to blame but themselves for their embarrassing situation. For redemption, it was necessary to score. And to do that, they needed to attack.

It was the Eagles of Mali who moved aggressively. Maiga and Keita tried testing Chaouchi, who had shown some weakness during Algeria’s earlier match against Malawi (3-0).

However, the most dangerous kicks can be credited to the Algerians: Ziani’s kick hits the bar in what looks like the only opportunity in the first half. Both teams seemed well aware of the dangers they were exposing themselves to.

No threat from Mali

And then all of a sudden, Halliche appears from nowhere to give life to an already intense match that probably didn’t deserve it. But the Fennec defense’s kick hits the net just minutes before the end of the first half (1-0, 43).

Rich in technical fouls committed by both teams, it is the Algerian team that ends up on the first half’s honor row.

The absence of Frederic Kanoute due to an injury at the height of the Malian attack was heavily felt. Lacking an offensive inspiration, the Eagles never managed to show any real threat, an example is Seydou Keita who attempts a lone break, ignoring the strategic positions of Yatabaré and Maiga, in the eighteen (53).

The return of the FC Sevilla striker changes almost nothing. Even with a charged Kanoute, Mali fails to strike.

Humiliated by Malawi in their first match, the Fennecs have taken control of themselves and are expected to prove it in their last group match against Angola, after which the quarters begin.

CAN 2010  It’s time to see who the contenders are: who’s going to win and who’s not, who’s going to upset a few teams… January 10-31, Angola is the place to be for football fans!
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