Canada: A cameroonian appointed Minister

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Maka Kotto, a Cameroonian borned has been appointed Minister of Culture and Communication of Quebec. He became the first African-Canadian to reach this level in Quebec. He was appointed by Pauline Marois first prime Minister woman in the history of Quebec.

You are not necessarily prophet at home. This knowledge which is very widespread have all his sense in the life of Maka Kottoo. borned 50 years ago at Douala in cameroon , the young Maka kotto whose dream was to become a priest, left his country at 17 years not to continue his studies of theology but in political science in France. Frustrated by the regime in place that does not allow him to freely express his other passion poetry “Most of us went abroad. There was no place for democracy and freedom. Only for nepotism and corruption”. “Report him on . In France, despite the studies initiated in political science he has a dream in : to become an actor. He began by figuration, and get to the famous ’’Cours Florent’’, under the supervision of Francis Huster. With his classmates, he creates a small band. In 1984, Michel Blanc gave him his first film role in “Walk in the shade”. Then it was the turn of Édouard Molinaro in “Love quietly”. In 1987, The Old Lady and the African television series directed by Danielle Darrieux, gives him the opportunity to denounce racism on the screen.

Suddenly, after a meeting with the Haitian writer Dany Laferrière he decided to turn the page of France for in Canada in 1989. Not to continue in comedy, but to get into politic and thus becomes the first black deputy of Quebec.” ” became the first black deputy just for symbol . Because someone have to starts, otherwise the door will never been opened” He said. An act which allow him to be part of Quebec history

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