“Thomas Sankara, the struggle is on” opens in Paris

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A show inspired by the life and the political action of the former Head of State of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara, opens Thursday evening in Paris, France.

According to organisers, the show, called “Thomas Sankara, the struggle is on”, drawn from the fish-tank of the stories, the speeches and anecdotes which wove the memory of the Burkinabe revolution.

Edited by the Burkinabe Carols Ouédraogo, the show which will be played at Olympic Café, a popular place in Paris, combines tales with music to suggest a portrait of Thomas Sankara, “the visionary cut down too soon”.

It is a play drawn from an exchange of speeches in 1986 in Ouagadougou, between Thomas Sankara and former French President François Mitterrand, which enjoyed, at the beginning of 2008, a big hit at the time of its showing in several French towns.

The former Burkinabe Head of State, assassinated in a coup d’etat in October 1987 which brought the current President Blaise Campaore to power, kept inspiring the literary and artistic creation.

Captain Sankara is still very popular with African youth, in particular, because of the ideals of the pan-Africanism and the African identity which he defended.

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