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Increasingly in recent months, international politics has been split down the red line of foreign policy—a demarcation dividing the EU and the US from Russia and China. Crises like the current showdown in the Crimea, and the dark shadow hovering over Syria, are bleak examples of an embedded opposition between east and west. Clustered around the borders of that red line are countries such as Mali, rising economies with a favorable GDP poised to make a firm, political shift toward a permanent residency on one side or the other.

African integration and a new president for Mali: a tale of two necessary transitions

The Democrat

Thabo Mbeki: “The relationship between African and its ex-colonizers is illegal!”

DRC faces alarming food crisis

International Experts meet on military intervention in Mali

Northern Nigeria: bandits kill 20 people

Day two of Kenyans’ protest

South Africa mines strike continues

Somalia journalist dies following shelling

Five Egyptian Coptic Christians wounded during a clash

Suicide bombing during church service in Kaduna

Kenyan security forces abuse residents

AU gives six weeks for a dispute resolution in Sudans

Several arrests in the army headquarters following an attack

Sudan military facilities strike by Explosion and fire

Somali militia threaten the UK with attacks

Muslim protest violently in Dakar

Five dead in Uganda due to killer disease

DRC and Uganda prohibited from pilgrimage in Mecca

Somalian journalist suffer serious injury from gunmen

Argentine orders the evacuation of Libertad ship by Ghanaian authorities.

Clashes in Libya’s town of Bani Walid former leader Muammar Gaddafi’s bastion

Several Nigerians killed following suspected Boko Haram Islamists attacks

Resident in the city of Sirte in Libya implores for reconstruction

Suspected Al-Shabab weapon seized in Puntland

Deadly attack in Ivory Coast : A Liberian has been arrested

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