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Egypt - Sudan - European Union
Six of the kidnappers who seized a group of European tourists in Egypt last week have been killed by Sudanese forces in a high speed desert chase but the tourists themselves remain in captivity in Chad. - Monday 29 September 2008

Cameroon - Zimbabwe
Dynamos FC, a surprise Caf Champions league semi finalist have applied to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for permission to sell tickets for their African Champions League semi-final tie against Cotonsport Garoua at Rufaro in foreign currency. - Monday 29 September 2008

Following information from some inhabitants of the Eleme area of Port Harcourt city, the Joint Task Force broke-into a den of suspected militants and arrested 27 people. This arrest is subsequent to the 229 arrests made some day earlier in a raid at the waterfront in the capital city of Port Harcourt. - Monday 29 September 2008

Kenya - Somalia
The Kenyan Armed Forces has deployed units of its military to combat the rising Somalia hijacking and pirate activities in an attempt to rescues its ammunition ship. - Monday 29 September 2008

South africa
The AFRICAN National Congress and opposition Democratic Alliance are neck-and-neck in the polls among urban voters seven months before next year’s general election. - Monday 29 September 2008

United States - International
John McCain, Republican presidential candidate, has said he would authorise his secretary of state to talk to Iran about its nuclear programme, in a break with Bush administration policy and his own previous stance. - Monday 29 September 2008

Cameroon - Nigeria
The Nigerian government has announced it is unprepared for the tens of thousands of returnees who have fled the southern Bakassi province over the past month, and is calling on the UN to help it handle the unexpected return. - Sunday 28 September 2008

Panafrica - South africa
The Sunday Times notes this week as one of the biggest in politics, "so if you’ve been asleep, know that you have missed a most momentous time in your nation’s history." - Sunday 28 September 2008

Far from global financial worries, the government-owned Ethiopian Herald focused on road development, - which has marked the construction of a total of 44,359 km of all-weather road network - as well as human resource development, saying that the Ethiopian government placed strategic importance on education as a key to all development endeavours. - Saturday 27 September 2008

United States - International
John McCain and Barack Obama clashed over Iran, Iraq and the economy in the first televised debate of the US presidential election after the Republican candidate dropped his threat to boycott the event. - Saturday 27 September 2008

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