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Mali - Chad
Mali will field its best team against Chad this weekend in Bamako, as the second phase of the joint 2010 African Cup of Nations/World Cup qualifiers wrap up across the continent, national coach Stephen Keshi has said. - Thursday 9 October 2008

Zimbabwe’s 55 jails have became death camps for inmates as a a local prisoner’s rights group says at least two inmates die everyday due to hunger and disease. - Thursday 9 October 2008

Following the escalation of fuel prices, the Senegalese government has sought to invest in solar energy production. - Thursday 9 October 2008

Since Malawi’s independence from the British in 1966, charcoal production has been against the law, and the government is once again clamping down on the practice that is the main source of livelihood for its struggling population. - Thursday 9 October 2008

South africa
Dethroned South African president Thabo Mbeki’s mother has okayed the speculated break away ANC saying its "first-class idea" and she would join it. - Thursday 9 October 2008

United States - International
At the end of the primaries in June, John McCain invited Barack Obama to participate in ten town hall debates and was turned down. Tonight it was unclear what all the fuss was about. Starting off the 90-minute session with an indirect reminder of that - “Senator Obama it is good to be with you at a townhall meeting” – Mr McCain missed the second out of three opportunities to deliver a serious blow to his opponent. - Wednesday 8 October 2008

Children of Namibian war veterans who have been camping outside the headquarters of the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs say they will not move until their demands are addressed to their satisfaction. They are about 180 of the initial 300 children, now adults. - Wednesday 8 October 2008

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has met with education authorities in a bid to persuade the government to defer the October/November 2008 public examinations. They say exams should be cancelled because strike action by teachers has left pupils unprepared. - Wednesday 8 October 2008

In a shock rape case in Robert Mugabe’s rural home of Zvimba , an 18-year-old man repeatedly raped his three-year-old niece, in full view of her brother, until she died. - Wednesday 8 October 2008

The New African Women in Agricultural Research and Development Programme has awarded eight Ugandan female researchers with the outstanding agricultural award for their contribution to the sector. - Wednesday 8 October 2008

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