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Panafrica - Benin - Nigeria - Rwanda
The following three “vignettes” are based on private journal entries written in Nigeria, Benin, and Rwanda between 1999 and 2004. They highlight the everyday magic found in a brief personal encounter, the link between the ancestral and the present in the shadow of historical trauma, and the enduring hope found in African football. - Wednesday 15 September 2010

Uganda Electoral commission has today declared that there will be week of national prayers for the 2011 presidential and general elections. - Wednesday 15 September 2010

Morocco - Spain
The aging population of Ceuta and Melilla and the exceptional fertility rates of its inhabitants of Moroccan descent are reversing the demographic trends in the Spanish enclaves of northern Morocco. For the Spanish press, a "Moroccanization of the landscape" is being witnessed. By force of circumstances, the war games that have gripped Spain and Morocco on the sovereignty of these territories remain subtle. - Wednesday 15 September 2010

Obesity, violence, behavioural problems … television and the internet are frequently cited as the cause of these evils in modern society. - Wednesday 15 September 2010

Good health does not simply depend on vaccinations and medication. We also have our part to play! A good combination of a balanced diet, exercise and good hygiene is essential for staying fit and healthy. - Wednesday 15 September 2010

Sudan - United States
The Obama administration has assured it is working to ensure a peaceful Sudan after 2011, or an orderly path toward two separate and viable states — North Sudan and South Sudan — at peace with each other. - Wednesday 15 September 2010

Morocco - Spain - Western Sahara
Morocco and Spain, who have in recent times been involved in numerous diplomatic incidents, are to face their toughest test yet as Spanish and Sahrawi activists prepare to launch a flotilla to call for the independence of Western Sahara. The project has been strongly denounced by the Moroccan government and some local associations. - Tuesday 14 September 2010

Egypt - Israel
After another round of direct talks in the idyllic setting of Sharm El-Sheikh, in Egypt, Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas will shake hands, smile and pose for the flashing cameras. But does this gesture, that has been repeated time and over again, hold any worth? - Tuesday 14 September 2010

Panafrica - International
Standing before an assemblage of local and international dignitaries in Cameroon’s capital at a mid-May conference marking the 50th year of independence for many African countries, UN Deputy Secretary- General Asha-Rose Migiro noted that “as we celebrate Africa’s achievements, opportunities and potential, we must also honestly address the realities and challenges that confront the continent.” Too many babies still die in infancy, she pointed out, too few children find places in school, too many farmers cannot get their crops to market. - Tuesday 14 September 2010

In the nearly 150 years since the bicycle debuted, its operation has remained remarkably consistent. That is, until this year, when a group of mechanical engineering students at Yale created what might be the first spokeless bicycle.

Redesigning something so fundamental was bound to be difficult. So Vern Van Fleet, a Sikorsky test engineer who taught the course, broke his students into three groups (frame, drivetrain and wheel) to tackle the challenge.

The result? An 8-pound frame, made from sheet aluminum, which holds the spokeless rear wheel in place. Inside the wheel housing, rollers fit into grooves carved into the wheel rim to prevent wobbling and to provide support. In place of the normal rear hub, the team added

- Tuesday 14 September 2010

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