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Twelve African cardinals will elect the next Pope. Benedict XVI last Wednesday promoted four Africans to the rank of Cardinal electors. The move is viewed as a sign of the vitality of Catholicism in Africa, even though the College of Cardinals at the Vatican is still heavily loaded with Europeans. - Wednesday 27 October 2010

An illegal arms shipment containing grenades, explosives and mortars has been seized in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest shipping port. The importation of arms has raised concerns ahead of forthcoming national elections, and the increasing restiveness of yet-to-be-compensated former militants. - Wednesday 27 October 2010

Ghana - Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe’s inexhaustible extra-marital affairs seem to be claiming more lives with the latest being her husband bodyguard, senior police commissioner Cain Chademana. - Tuesday 26 October 2010

Seth Walsh was thirteen years old when he walked into the garden of the home he shared with his family in Tehachapi, California last month and hanged himself. Before taking the tragic decision to end his life, he had endured years of homophobic taunting and abuse from his peers at school and in the neighbourhood. He is one of six teenage boys in the United States known to have committed suicide in September alone after suffering at the hands of homophobic bullies. - Tuesday 26 October 2010

Recent trade statistics in Ethiopia have shown that traders transacted about 6.7 billion birr worth of commodities under the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) trading system in the past budget year. The main trading product was coffee (220,000 tons) followed by sesame, maize and wheat. - Tuesday 26 October 2010

Several officials have been declared unsuitable to run for political office by the Nigerian anti-fraud police. The officials include thirteen former state governors, five former ministers, three serving MPs, and two serving senators. - Tuesday 26 October 2010

Nomination exercise for Uganda’s Presidential candidates kicked off Monday at the Nambole stadium in the capital, Kampala, ahead of the country’s February 2011 Presidential elections. - Monday 25 October 2010

South africa
Former South African electoral commissioner Peter Harris has made shock disclosures that the country’s 1994 results were tampered with by a hacker to give inflated marks to three opposition parties. - Monday 25 October 2010

Panafrica - United States - Germany - Russia
At any given moment in the global political order power is distributed in a way and manner that favours certain states more than others. Now such states are usually dominant enough to assign their own values to the international political system which has been described as amorphous. So the nature of the distribution of power in the system determines the type of polarity prevailing at any given moment. Four types of polarities have been identified by scholars namely, unipolarity, bipolarity, tripolarity and multipolarity . A shift from one kind of polarity to the other signals a re-arrangement of the global power system hence a new world order ensues. - Monday 25 October 2010

The Ethiopian Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has arrested a top sergeant of the Federal Police for allegedly accusing an Ethiopian woman of involvement in terrorism and later forcing her to bribe her way out of the charges. - Monday 25 October 2010

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