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Panafrica - France
From Port-au-Prince where I was on Friday, October 15, the words uttered by Jean-Paul Guerlain, aired live on French national television: "I do not know if negroes ever worked much, but anyway ..." stunk to high heavens. - Friday 22 October 2010

Malawi - France
What age should one retire? This seems to be a current contentious topic both in Africa and Europe and dominating media space. In Malawi, workers have been infuriated by a draft pension bill which wants retirement age for women to be at 55 and men at 60. It is the first time that the country will have a law specifying a retirement age. - Friday 22 October 2010

Zimbabwe’s electoral commission says it is waiting for the nod from President Robert Mugabe to organize parliamentary and presidential elections in 2011. - Friday 22 October 2010

The leader of the main opposition paty, Forum for Democracy (FDC), Dr Kiiza Besigye was Thursday arrested by police after he stormed into the Uganda Electoral Commission without notification. - Thursday 21 October 2010

After threatening that the only outcome he would accept from a January referendum that could split Africa’s largest nation was a vote for unity, Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has assured the international community that northern Sudan would not return to war with the south, otherwise. - Thursday 21 October 2010

Next month’s Parliamentary elections in Egypt will be followed by the presidential elections next year. The stakes are high as it is still not clear who the candidate for the presidential office, especially from the ruling party, will be. Bitter behind the scenes tussles are rocking the corridors of power as the President seeks to impose his son. And measures to silence those who question the wisdom of this choice are relentless. Two top Egyptian journalists have found themselves in the cross-hairs of the authorities. - Thursday 21 October 2010

Kenya - Zimbabwe - China
An ancient Chinese coin that dates from the 15th century, discovered on the northern coast of Kenya, reveals the existence of advanced commercial and cultural relations between China and Africa, long before the emergence of Europeans on African soil. - Wednesday 20 October 2010

Panafrica - Ethiopia - Kenya - France - United States
Diatribe it is not. Certainly not vitriolic. Anger at a sad situation? Maybe. Fury at our inability to be free? Perhaps. Here I am, lost for words, in a cold neon-lit Parisian supermarket looking into the face of a Black security guard sticking a lugubrious finger into another Blackman’s bag asking him to produce a receipt for what is in his shopping bag. Every word is meticulously uttered in a loud voice that only fuels the prejudice that is driving Black people, Michael Jackson per excellence, into bleaching off their dark skin color and gluing European hair to their scalp. - Wednesday 20 October 2010

Panafrica - United States
Is there a balm in Gilead? Do you want to stop the escalation of the African-American homicide? Do you want an educational curriculum that reflects the creators of civilization? Do you want public school students to excel in reading and mathematics? Do you understand "the problem," or is your organization focused on the symptoms of the problem? - Wednesday 20 October 2010

Guinea’s junta leader General Sekouba Konte has named a Malian citizen to head the national independent electoral commission after consultations with international representatives on how to ensure the long-delayed presidential runoff elections due on Sunday. - Wednesday 20 October 2010

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