Senegalo-Gambian joint ministerial forum in limbo

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The Senegalo-Gambian joint ministerial meeting taking place in Banjul is in limbo as the two sides have failed to reach agreement on several issues from security to trade.

Mr Crispin Grey-Johnson, Gambian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Dr Cheikh Tijan Gadio, Senegal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs left the conference hall on Friday night after an agreement was not reached.

Sources told PANA that the meeting has been extended to a third day on Saturday to resolve the differences.

The technical committee of experts that met on Thursday ahead of the joint ministerial meeting could not arrive at a common agreement especially on the trade, transport, customs and security.

The sources said the two sides could not agree on extradition of dissidents back to their countries to answer charges or stand trial.

“The Senegalese are demanding that dissidents of the southern part of Senegal, Cassamance, should be extradited and handed over directly to the Senegalese authorities. The Gambians for their part are asking Senegal to hand over all Gambian dissidents currently in Senegal, but both side is saying no,” the sources said.

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