David Haye wins the WBA and WBC cruiserweight world titles

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David Haye before fight

The Sports Hall “Marcel Cerdan” in Levallois (near Paris, France) was overcrowded last saturday to support local hero Jean-Marc Mormeck, defending his WBA and WBC cruiserweight world titles. But David Haye finally won!

Jean-Marc Mormeck, 35 year old, 33 victories, only one defeat in last decade, appeared as a sort of Titan, strong, sure, confident, with a vigorous, hefty blow. He conquered his titles in this same “Marcel Cerdan’s Sports Hall”, a year ago, against jamaican O’Neil Bell…

David Haye is only 27 year old, born in London, 19 victories, 14 within the first free rounds. He won his last fight with a firts round blow-out of Poland’s Tomasz Bonin seven months ago. Taller than Mormeck, he’s a fair, impressive man, a calm and imperturbable athlete. He immediatly felt “at home” on the ring, apparently not impressed by the very important challenge he had to face.

First two rounds balanced

First two rounds were balanced, Mormeck protecting well, both trying to test the other, both boxing regularly, without pressure. Hard to say who would win at this time : both were great champions preparing themselves for a long and hard fight.

Then came a real succession of serious attacks by Mormeck, Haye shortly seemed doubting, but he never hesitated as to what he had to do : following every blow, always ready for counter-attacks.

Haye floored on the fourth

Mormeck dominated the third and fourth rounds long. On the fourth round, Haye was even floored and the italian referee began to count… But Haye wasn’t out, and he immediatly came back to fight.

The next round could have been crucial -but Mormeck got gradualy tired, more tired than Haye, anyway… He still was shuffling forward menacingly and kept throwing right-hands bombs. But Haye recovered surprisingly, battling back with renewed energy.

Mormeck face down to the floor in the seventh

Haye suddenly seized his moment in the seventh round, unleashing an assault which began with a snapping right uppercut followed by a stunning right to the back of the ear… Sending Mormeck spinning face down to the floor.

The Titan had been seriously stopped. He rose quite quickly but the fight was over as the referee considered he was unable to continue.

Impressive and right

David Haye left the ring with his two belts, as the new World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing Association (WBA) cruiserweight world Champion. “It was an explosive fight, he said, My legs went when he caught me in the fourth but I’m a champion. I’ve got heart and I told myself : “I’ve got to get up!” I think I showed class and patience. My strategy held together. I knew I had to pace myself.” He was right. Impressive and right.

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