Zoe’s Ark affair : Is Cécilia Sarkozy on-board ?

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Daniel Gonzalez, a crew member of the Spanish flying company Girjet told the judge in charge of the inquiries that Cécilia Sarkozy was on the same flight that was supposed to bring the kids to France. For now Chad authorities are still trying to identify the children kidnapped by the foundation.

The Spanish-born flying company’s crew freed on November the 9th and repatriated to Spain has said that Cécilia Sarkozy was supposed to be in the aircraft bringing the kids to France. He has confirmed to the judge on November the 5th that “his company had called him to let him know that the plane was flying on this way: Madrid-N’Djamena-Abéché-Vatry-Madrid”. According to the French newspaper Le Monde, he has added that “He has only been told that it was a humanitarian flight” transporting “sick kids, doctors and probably Mrs Sarkozy”.

Chadian investigators in charge of the Zoe’s Ark affair would have to find some information about French President’s ex wife’s attendance. Mr Eric Breteau, the Zoe’s Ark Chairman cannot confirm this statement and he has told the magistrates that he “does not know Mrs Sarkozy”.
If only the France’s former First Lady’s booking for the flight Abéché-Vatry is confirmed, France which has denied since the beginning its link with the Zoe’s Ark will be compromised a bit more.

« 65 kids have been identified successfully»

Beside the investigations done by the magistrates, in Abéché (East of Chad), a social inquiry is in progress, trying to identify the 103 children that the French foundation was trying to bring to France.

Hamad Daoud Chari, prosecutor in Abéché told the AFP that « about 30 persons came to take their kids”. Regarding the parents, “when someone come saying he is the parent of one of the kids(…) we bring him to the orphanage, put him in a corner of the room and we let the parents in. If the kid runs to this person, it means everything” said the prosecutor.
According to the investigators « 65 kids has been identified and their identity is now confirmed » as per said by Honoré About, in charge of Abéché’s foundation where they are housed for now. To him, among them, 88 are from Chad, Adré exactly, located just by Darfur.

Still 15 days remaining for non-claimed kids. Mr Chari has explained that investigations are going to last and “ giving the kids back to their family will last some more”.

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