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Some months back, made a remarkable appearance on the Afro Virtual scene. The reason being their peculiar design aimed at african and diaspora news in a different fashion. That is basically what its forerunner, Tshibwabwa Mua Bay, from the Congo, aims at., the new commer in the afro virtual scene has been spinning its web since the 15th of June this year. « Gateway to cultural information and social network exchange geared towards the black community», its aim is to offer « clues to understanding « news, society issues, history, economy, black cultures around the world». This longing to enrich the afro web starts with a strong visual identity. A unusual graphic chart and a logo showing a beautiful black face surrounded by palm leaves, from which the site’s khaki colour got its inspiration, acting as the ambassadors. « i wanted the site’s logo to look like armories, my way of expressing the nobility of the African culture », said Tshibwabwa Mua Bay, founder and editor in chief of Historian by profession, the Congolese (Democratique Republic of Congo) who has been living in Paris for over a decade is keen on identity problems and has chosen to create a site which bridges the gap between africa and its diaspora. The name “Ananzie”, is a symbol of common belonging for both Africa and its diaspora.

A new vision for current affairs

« Ananzie refers to Kweku Anansi (Anasi being the name of a spider in the Akan language, an ethnic group found in Ghana and Ivory Coast), the crafty spider from African fables follows the journalist. It is also a term that can be found in the african diaspora. In Jamaica it becomes the spiderman who tells scary stories to children. Contrarily to the south of the United States where he is the kindly little frind of children.» also symbolises the link between written communication and oral tradition. All aspects of current news, culture in its entirety, women and their different points of interest, the site touches on everything while asserting its identity. One can also find online comics, which we owe to the Congolese, Alain Kojélé. Another point for the webzine is its gastronomical review. A rare thing in the afro universe. « the reason is not to review for the sake of reviews, underlines, Tshibwabwa Mua Bay, but also to allow african professionals to better their art ».
this week, invites its readers to discover peulh women and their art drenched in finery, to swim in the carribean tax paradise or to understand how sports has become a political issue for both africa and the diaspora. A few weeks ago, delved intot the pornographique industry in the african american environment, the problems black people face at work and also Santeria, in its original column dedicated to spirituality. Much focused on its goals thanks to its editing team who come from diverse backgrounds, both african and Afro Carribean, the spider talks about everything and informs the public on the parisian cultural agenda. In the near future, the site envisages a radio show for its listeners. is growing its wings on a regular basis to showcase all the facettes of the “Afro Lifestyle”, a motivational force which translates itself into its very essence. Time is now up to lie on the beach.

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