Wanted Men In : A Corrupt Nigerian & A Liberian warlord seek judgement…

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Flag of Liberia
Flag of Liberia

Alleged to have syphoned government money through companies registered under names of family members during his time in office as a governer of Edo state, Lucky Igbinedon had been out of the country since the end of his tenure as state governor in May, 2007.

Mr. Igbinedon, charged with over 140 counts of corruption and for stealing over $24m by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), arrived in Nigeria by road from Sierra Leone to face charges. He has so far been charged with seven others under Yar’Adua’s government anti corruption commission lead by Nuhu Ribadu, the EFCC chief, who is trying to bring people to book before his departure from office next month. Reports BBC’s Ibrahim Dosara.


After his encounter with religion and faith, Joshua Milton Blahyi, aka General Butt Naked, returned home last week to Liberia from his exile in Ghana to confess to atrocities committed during the Liberian War.

His hearing before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which begun activities in 2006, to account for atrocities committed during the civil war that plunged Liberia into more 10 years of violence is now underway.

In an interview with the Associated Press published Sunday, Joshua Milton Blahyi admits his responsibility in the war and the killing of 20,000 people by his men.

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