CAN 2008 : Senegal and Tunisia in a draw : 2-2

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Senegal and Tunesia shared their scoreline right in the middle, Wednesday, when they entered into the 2008 African Nations Cup battlefield. The Carthage Eagles opened the score but were overtaken by a more enthusiastic Teranga Lions. Their second determined shot brought them back into the game.

The Tunesians and Senegalese relived their turbulent match during their encounter during the 2004 CAN games, forcing their refree’s (M. Nichimura – Japan) intervention in the first few minutes. Hell broke lose when The Carthage Eagles made their first score in the 9th minute.

After a quick one touch exchange in the midfield, Issam Jemaa (Caen, France) penetrates the left side and shoots from a closed angle. The ball shoots past the Senegalese goalkeeper’s Tony Sylva (Lille, France) left side, ending up in the net.

One Shot, One goal

Scoring after their first shot at goal, the Tunesians are powerless when their opponents fetch and master the ball in a beautiful display if technique… only for a while. The 30 final minutes are completely dominated by the Senegalese who do not show any sign of danger. El-Hadji Diouf’s (Bolton, England) team mates play haphazardly forcing their captain to ask for them to calm down and concentrate.

An additional minute after the 45th minute by the refree gave the Teranga Lions an opportunity to score. Macky Small gets hold of a badly cleared ball from the Tunesian defence swerves their goalkeeper and drives the ball into their net with a right footer.

Senegal attacks

Au retour des vestiaires, les Tunisiens semblent accuser le coup et c’est leur adversaire qui se rue sur les buts. Diomansy Kamara (Fulham, Angleterre), gets a good starter from Diouf but crosses the ball a bit too much in the 48th minute while Niang brushes a straight kick from Mendy in the 59th minute. The Carthage Eagles continue playing cunningly to the dismay of their refree, who sanctions Santos (49) and Traoui (56) with yellow cards after they « collapsed » in the eighteen.

Diomansy Kamara gave his team a winning edge to his team in a corner kick (66). The Fulham striker takes advantage of a confusing in the goal area. The Lions push forward from there and are warned with two successive offsides (76 & 78).

…Realistic Tunisia

Traoui, makes use of a weakly cleared ball from the Senegalese team bringing his team back into the game (82). The midfielder from l’Etoile du Sahel shoots a long ball leaving the Senegalese goalkeeper immobile !

To the great pleasure of spectators at the Tamale stadium, the two teams seemed more interested in stirring chaos rather than goals. They are aware that their group is one of the most balanced with South Africa playing against Angola the same evening. This awareness does not help produce any more goals, leaving the match at a draw.

Tunesia plays against South Africa while Senegal plays Angola, next Sunday.

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