CAN 2008 : Senegal’s coach resigns

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The coach of Senegal’s national team, Henri Kasperczak has given up his job after the humiliating game they lost against Angola on Sunday afternoon in Tamalé, for the second day’s match of group D during the 26th edition of the African Cup of Nations (CAN). The Senegalese Federation of Football (FSF) has accepted his decision.

“ I totally assume my responsibility in losing against Angola and from now, I’m not the coach of Senegal’s team anymore” has said Henri Kasperczak during a press conference whereas he was the coach of Senegal team since 2006.

The French-Polish coach has said he was hoping to make a change in the players’ mind while resigning from his position. The Senegalese Federation of Football has made his decision after this event and his assistant, Lamine Ndiaye will replace him.

Talking about the failure of the Lions of Teranga vs the Antilopes of Angola (3-1), the ex-coach of the Senegalese team has said that he “ assumes by himself, this failure” even if he considers that “a team is a group of person who lose and win together”.

Senegalese getting totally red

According to the national press of Senegal, Henri Kasperczak has just given up while people are complaining in Dakar about their team’s performance since the beginning of the competition. Actually, the Lions of Téranga have defeated against Angola and tied against Turkey, harming seriously their access to the second part of the competition.

Many teenagers have shown their angryness in the streets of Dakar after their team has lost. They have blocked for instance many axis of the capital of Senegal. The Lions will play their last game for qualification, against South Africa. According to Henri Kasperczak who has confirmed that he could not understand the performance of his team, the results are disappointing but there is still a chance to qualify.

CAN 2008  Teams representing 47 countries are split into 12 groups of four. The best team from each group automatically qualifies to take part in the 26th edition of the African Cup of Nations football competition which takes place in Ghana.
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