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Gambian President attracts 1600 infertile women
As they line up for his infertility treatment
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has resumed his infertility treatment using traditional medicine.

The president’s call saw 1,600 women looking for babies lining up as the president emphasized the importance of child birth, national broadcaster, Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) announced.

More children

"Children are our future leaders and the goals of Gambia’s development projects may not be realised without them," he said at the weekend.

"If women are not bearing children it will have a negative impact on our country," President Jammeh said, adding that for the society to continue, women must continue to give birth.

The Gambian president said his traditional medicine could treat 111 different ailments. He however warned that some of the women receiving the treatment might not be able to bear children.


The Gambian leader early in 2007 sparked a big controversy when he claimed to have "discovered a cure for HIV/AIDS", infertility, diabetes and other ailments.

Jammeh says he uses herbs and other non-scientific means to treat his patients. And while his supporters claim that his treatments really work, conventional medical practitioners and scientists say the so-called cure is a sham.

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