Cameroon: Riots Spread to Yaoundé

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The unrest that has rocked Cameroon since last Monday, following an urban transport strike, has spread to Yoaundé, the political capital, which had until now been spared by the riots.

Protests and violent clashes against police forces had only been limited to Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital, where twelve people were killed on Monday, according to independent sources.

Wednesday morning, the fever spread to Yaoundé, where the transport system had briefly gone back to normal after the strike action the day before. The strike action was as a result of price increment in petroleum and other related goods.

The situation quickly deteriorated. Uncontrolled groups of hooligans took to the streets mounting barriers and burning car tyres in most parts of the city.

The hooligan groups played hide and seek with the police and military forces deployed to calm the unrest, the whole morning. Other sources claim that the presidential guard was among the forces deployed.

The national television station, Canal 2, reported two deaths in the Biyem Assi and Carrière neighbourhoods in Yaoundé.

Markets and shops in the city were kept closed, whilst cars remained immobile, fearing attacks from the demonstrators.

Unless the government reacts quickly, Cameroon might see itself dealing with a social upheaval with political consequences, considering the suspicions surrounding the involvement of the opposition.

Pro-government demonstrations have been held in both Douala and Yaoundé, raising fears of a possible clash between government partisans and the opposition, le Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (RDPC).

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