Zimbabwe unknown candidate is chosen by “God”

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Towungana says he was not holding any rallies or meetings because he fears the “wrath of the militia that beats up people”. He puts his trust in God. “God is in charge of my campaign and the media is another platform for my messages. Have you ever asked yourself why an unknown is among the known? This is God at play. I am a replica of the biblical Moses and my role is to rescue the children of Israel from Egypt.”

from our correspondent in Harare

When asked whether if by a miracle he gets elected as next President of
Zimbabwe would he not become a fully-fledged politician, his anwser was, “Gradually, I might become a politician and my cabinet will be of
politicians as well, but I am not a politician.”

But has he ever voted in any national election before, given that he says he has never belonged to any political party? He says, ‘Yes,, we trusted Zanu PF once and I used to vote for them but I never belonged to the party because I am a man of God.”

Towungana claims to be a retailer, miller and tourist entrepreneur. He said his milling business is at Jambezi Centre in Victoria Falls while he transports tourists to different places around the resort town.

On the loyalty and support of the people of the high-density area of Mkhosana in Victoria Falls where he lives, Towungana speaks like a potential voter.

He said: “People are confused. There is Simba Makoni, who is from the
system and then there is that Morgan Tsvangirai whose party has split. So, it’s difficult to note what voters here are thinking. Time will tell.”

He switches to Tsvangirai’s rally in Mutare two weeks ago which he says he witnessed on his way to his “real” home in Rusape. “That is an example of what rallies can do. The violence was bad. Tsvangirai appears to have people but he is always losing and we cannot keep on saying the elections are being rigged. We do not have proof. It is all speculation although there is a grain of truth in it. Tsvangirai should look at the reasons his party is not winning.”

But who really is this political greenhorn?

Married to Emilia Fusire, Towungana, and with two children says he is not inspired by anyone in Zimbabwe or beyond its borders.

He attended St Peter’s in Nyazura and St Joseph’s in Rusape, for his primary and secondary education.

He pursued his “A” levels with Rapid Results College and then proceeded to study for a Diploma in Computer Studies and another one in Surveying.

He says he is a devout Christian, but does not reveal which church he goes to. “I am not going to say I will win but God is in charge and I am only answering his call as revealed to me in 2003. What was revealed to me is known by my pastor and myself. And because the church is victimized in this country I will not reveal the name of the pastor and the church,” he said.

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