Luxland, bringing “Soul Mate”

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A Plainfield, New Jersey transplant by way of The Republic of Cameroon – the meaning of Luxland’s very name speaks of his destiny as a superstar, born to shine as the light of the land! A natural hustler, Lux has long lived the life of struggle.

Listening to the parental admonition which extolled values of hard work and dedication, it was only natural that Luxland’s art soon imitated his life. At the age of 14, he responded to the cry of Hip-Hop/R&B music reaching out for him. Like a master chemist, Lux has combined his hard knock knowledge of the streets with the influences of old school Hip-Hop (Rakim, Run DMC), R&B (Michael Jackson, Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat) and Reggae (Bob Marley), into a formula all his own, referring to his unique style as urban pop. Not simply a singer/songwriter, he is a pianist -pouring his heart and soul into his music.

As a member of the NJ based group RuffKuttz, in 2003 Luxland appeared on two singles, “Hustle on These Blocks” and “U Gone”. The songs sparked some interest, obtaining spins on Hot 97. “Hustle on These Blocks” was among the top ten songs on local NJ station 90.1. This led to performances with artist likes of Baby Cham. Jamesy p etc.

Luxland feat Freeway – Home Alone

A large portion of Luxland’s appeal to the common man is his genuinely humble disposition. With a style all his own, Lux distances himself from artists who exalt riches over the things in life that matter most, like love and relationships. His single “Home Alone” (which features Freeway), is a testament that Luxland believes in old fashioned monogamous relationships.

The debut album, entitled “Soul Mate” is expected to be released early 2008 on LRG Entertainment. Songs include the title track “Soul Mate”, “Girls Romancin’” featuring Beenie Man, and “Home Alone” featuring Freeway and also head spinning feat serius jones.

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