Violent attack on cartoonist

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Reporters Without Borders, Paris, has condemned an attack on “The Guardian” newspaper’s cartoonist Obe Ess, who was hit by armed intruders in his home in the Lagos suburb of Ipaja on 19 March 2008 for unknown reasons. Based in Lagos, “The Guardian” is a privately-owned daily.

“Nigerian journalists are often the victims of violence and we urge the
authorities to put an end to the impunity enjoyed by those responsible for
these attacks,” the press freedom organisation said.

“Measures should be taken to protect Obe Ess and his family until the motives for the attack are established and the perpetrators are identified and punished.”

The intruders initially seized members of the cartoonist’s family, using
them as hostages while they uttered threats against him. Then one of the
intruders hit Obe Ess hard on the head with the butt of his revolver and
was about to beat him further when neighbours intervened and the intruders fled. One of them reportedly died as they fled.

Obe Ess was taken to hospital for treatment to his head injury. He then
reported the attack to his newspaper.


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