A long list of Christian Zionists running the United States

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Religion (illustrative)
Religion (illustrative)

All Jews are not Zionists, and all Zionists are not Jews. Starting with Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft – plus many in Congress such as Tom DeLay – we have a long list of Christian Zionists presently running our country, who may envision an eventual Middle East catastrophe based on an interpretation of prophesy that Jews must move in mass to Israel so that Armageddon can occur and Christ return.

The catch is that all those millions of Jews are to either be converted or slaughtered in the coming bloodbath. Just as the neo-concervatives have hijacked true conservatism, the Christian Zionists have distorted the teachings of Christian evangelicalism to crate their own guaranteed self-fulfilling prohesy leading to an earthy hell and unspeakable destruction – which would constitue the true final Holocaust of the Jews a a people and a religion !

Sincere American Christians who presently believe this deadly doctrine are not a fault ; they have been taken in by a unique reinterpretation of scripture that goes back to the Scofield Reference Bible of 1909 that was influenced and funded by Zionists. Former White House speech-writer and author, Grace Halsell […] has revealed the history and impact of this dangerous movement in her book Forcing God’s Hand : Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture – And Destruction of Planet Earth

By Alfred L. Lilienthal

Observatory of Religions  The 21st century will be or not be religious. This Malraux prophecy is being fufilled: the impact of religion on political, economic, financial and social spheres is making front page news. Observatory of Religions’ (L’Observatoire des religions) perspective, that is; the observation, analysis and commentary of religious issues in a current affairs framework, is purely unreligious. L'Observatoir des Religions was created by Philippe Simonnot, economist and author of numerous works on history and economics.
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