Zimbabwe election : Official results start pouring in

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This morning the first official election results are at last emerging – and they show success for the MDC.

from our correspondent in Harare

The first six results of the Zimbabwe House of Assembly election have just been released by the Electoral Commission. The MDC has won four, and Zanu-PF two.

There are 203 more to go, and Zanu-PF has won one unopposed.
This news comes as the people of Zimbabwe are waking to find their country resting on the knife-edge of history.

Unofficial results continue to indicate victory for Morgan Tsvangirai’s faction of the MDC, but signs remain that Mugabe is determined to hang on to power at all costs.

A total of 210 parliamentary seats are due to be declared as well as the
result of the simultaneous presidential election.

The initial results were announced at the commission’s temporary
headquarters nearly 36 hours after polls closed in the election in the
troubled southern African country, which has the world’s highest rate of

Last night the chiefs of the armed services, the police and all paramilitary
state security forces were locked in emergency session in the headquarters of the feared Central Intelligence Organisation, Mugabe’s secret police.

Sources say they are trying to cope with the news that the man they have sworn loyalty to has been rejected by the electorate. They are believed to have agreed not to accept a Tsvangirai victory.

Similar problems faced the official observer mission sent to monitor the
election by the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which is historically supportive of Mugabe.

The head of the mission from the 14 nation bloc, Angolan Sports Minister Jose Marcos Barrica, delayed a press conference for two hours while, it is
understood, he consulted with the President’s office on what to say.
A total of 210 parliamentary seats are due to be declared as well as the
result of the simultaneous presidential election.


Chegutu West

MDC (Tsv) 6772

ZANU PF 3 713

MDC (Mut) 750

Goromonzi West

MDC (Tsv) 5 931

ZANU (PF) 6 193

Mutoko North

ZANU PF 6 922

MDC (Tsv) 3163

Indep 3023

MDC (Mut) 1065

Mutasa South

MDC Tsv 8 207

ZANU PF 3 409

Indep 412

Mutare Central

MDC (Tsv) 7 284

ZANU PF 2 322

MDC Mut 639

Indep 117


Chipinge Central

ZANU PF 6 377

MDC (Tsv) 5 862

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