The Trial of the Templars

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2nd Edition Malcolm Barber University of Reading Paperback

The Templars fought against Islam in the crusader east for nearly two centuries.

During that time the original small band grew into a formidable army, backed by an extensive network of preceptories in the Latin West.

In October 1307, the members of this seemingly invulnerable and respected Order were arrested on the orders of Philip IV, King of France and charged with serious heresies, including the denial of Christ, homosexuality and idol worship.

The ensuing proceedings lasted for almost five years and culminated in the suppression of the Order.

The motivations of the participants and the long-term repercussions of the trial have been the subject of intense and unresolved controversy, which still has resonances in our own time.

In this new edition of his classic account, Malcolm Barber discusses the trial in the context of new work on the crusades, heresy, the papacy and the French monarchy.

• The story of the Templars is one of the most dramatic, the best known but the most mythologised stories of the Middle Ages

• This is the most in-depth and authoritative treatment of their trial ever written

• In this definitive new edition the trial is discussed in the context of new work on the crusades, heresy, the papacy and the French monarchy

Preface ; Introduction ;

1. The participants ;

2. The arrests ;

3. The papal intervention ;

4. The papal and episcopal inquiries ;

5. The defence of the Order ;

6. The end of resistance ;

7. The charges ;

8. The trial in other countries ;

9. The suppression ;

10. Conclusion ;

Notes ; Chronology of the trial ; Recent historiography on the dissolution of the Temple ; Bibliography ; Index.

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