Libya and Sudan sign contract with Arabsat in Morocco

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The Arab Satellite Communication, Arabsat, on Wednesday signed two contracts with Libya and Sudan at a ceremony in Marrakech, southern Morocco.

The first contract between Arabsat and the Libyan General Post and Télécommunications Company, was for the Libyan company to use four satellite channels for five years, official sources in Rabat said.

The contract would enable the Libyan company to meet its current and future needs in the fields of satellite communication, televised broadcasting and fixed satellite services.

The contract signed with the Sudanese Telecommunications Company, Soudasat, is aimed at equipping the latter with sufficient capacities and services extended to both internal and external levels.

Arabsat, which launched three satellites in 1984, 1985 and 1992, will soon launch its new satellite, Badr VI, as part of a strategy regarding the launch of a satellite by the year 2012.

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