Zimbabwean women protest to ask for release of election results

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A group of about 800 women under the banner of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) Wednesday took to the streets of Bulawayo, demanding the release of election results, according to a statement by the group’s leader, Jenni Williams.

The statement, made available to PANA here, said the ”People’s protest” was meant to urge Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) “to release the results of the presidential election forthwith.”

“Having watched and waited to see if anyone would mobilise nonviolent action and having seen none to date, WOZA began the roll out of peaceful actions in Bulawayo today,” it said.

The women started the protest at a provincial court in Herbert Chitepo and Leopold Takawira and then marched on through the city centre to the Zimbabwe High Court.

They chanted songs and slogans calling on the court to force the electoral body to release the results.

A Zimbabwe court has scheduled ruling for Monday on whether or not to force ZEC to release the results of the elections held 29 March.

Tension is high in the southern African nation due to the delay in the results of the elections, which the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) claimed to have won.

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