Ghana : Shocking official’s resignation could lead to breakaway party

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A sudden resignation from Mr. Kyeremanteng from Ghana’s ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) comes at a very crucial stage in the country’s election campaign.

Mr. Kyeremanteng who was in the Volta Region of Ghana last week to campaign for his party ahead of the country’s pending elections announced his resignation claiming intimidation and harassment by other party members on both his team and his person. He also claims that some of his supporters are being bullied out of the parliamentary primaries.

The former Trade and Industry Minister was unsuccessful in his bid to represent his party in the upcoming presidential elections slated for December 7, 2008. Mr. Kyeremateng who came second to Nana Akufo-Addo, former foreign minister, in the vote for the NPP’s presidential candidate was persuaded to step down to avoid a second round.

President’s creation of Frankenstein

Initially a member of the NPP youth wing, Mr. Kyeremanteng — widely known to have been spoonfed, nurtured and fast tracked in grade by the President, John Kuffour — may be showing discontent after the party selected him to deal with identifiable groups in the campaign.

Secretly nicknamed “the President’s Frankenstein”, Mr. Kyeremanteng is believed to have recently and unsuccessfully suggested a breakaway party, which was flatly refused by John Kuffour, sources say.

NPP’s General Secretary Nana Ohene Ntow and MacManu, party chairman, have expressed shock following the resignation of Mr. Kyerematen, promising to address the issue of intimidation and harassment if they were found to be true.

The President has not reacted officially and sources say he may be in consultation with Kyeremanteng to avoid any clashes that could harm the ruling party’s chances of winning the December 7 elections.

According to panapress, other top party members are, however, putting a brave face on the resignation of Mr. Kyerematen, saying it will have no effect on them, as the party is bigger than any individual.

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